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Professional development is at the heart of Delta Sigma Pi. From the rush process, all the way through graduation, upperclassmen brothers serve as mentors to our underclassmen, providing continued professional guidance through workshops, corporate sponsored events, and speaker series. 




We pride ourselves on being a close-knit, family-like group and that notion undoubtedly rings true through our brotherhood social initiatives. From celebrating new members to annual retreats, we highly value building close relationships with one another. 




DSP is committed to promoting an inclusive, diverse, community within Ross and the corporate world post-graduation. We have committed ourselves to inclusive practices by being one of the first Ross organizations to have a DEI task force, dedicated to promoting identity-based workshops and efforts within DSP and Ross as a whole.




As a member of DSP, personal growth occurs from the moment you are initiated to the time of graduation, and beyond. The personal and professional mentorship gained from this organization is unparalleled, and leadership opportunities are made available the moment you join DSP.  Above all, we pride ourselves does. on being the best fraternity, and family, we can be for our members and the community.



Community service is a core pillar of our fraternity. Along with our annual participation in Business Gives Back Day, which brings professional fraternities together to do service in Detroit, we're always seeking new ways to help local communities. 

let's keep in touch.

For General Inquiries:

Chris Owens, President

For Recruitment Inquiries:

Lauren Allen, Senior Vice President

Professional Questions:

Jaden Doulgas, VP Professional

DEI/Impact Questions:

Jose Dasilva, DEI Chairperson

Caroline Lynch, VP Community Service

Website Questions:

Aarya Padhye, VP Marketing

Leyre Orduna, VP Marketing

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