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As a part of the Delta Sigma Pi Xi Chapter, we remind ourselves every day that diversity, equity, and inclusion are principles we hold dearly to our core mission as a professional fraternity. We believe that diversity is more than bringing people of different races, sexual orientations, genders, or social classes together, but facilitating growth mindsets to understand perspectives outside of our own and accept those around us. Equity involves a lasting commitment to fairness, justice, and the act of distributing resources equally without discrimination or bias. Lastly, inclusivity is ensuring our doors are open to everyone, a responsibility held high to serve as the accepting, valuing, and nurturing foundation for our organization.


Progress is never easy, yet we cannot make good news out of bad practice. Addressing the opportunities we see fit to champion these principles is the first step that myself and a task force led by me, the DEI chairperson, take on the journey toward a better future. The task force focuses on holistic and comprehensive initiatives to better our multifaceted communities, yet concentrates in specific programs that work with students and faculty at the Ross School of Business to create a more inclusive environment. Whether through open-dialogue discussions and panels, cross-organizational workshops, implicit bias training, and connections to affinity/cultural student groups, the task force and I share this commitment to DEI inside and out. I hope that the task force and I can focus on creating good news out of good practice this coming year, and cannot wait to see where these steps toward an inspiring future will take us.



Simon Davis

DEI Chairperson, 2023

Brothers attended the University of Michigan's "Out of the Darkness" Campus Walk in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Brothers serving the Ross community as Peer Outreach Ambassadors during Ross Preview Weekend!

Brothers celebrating Black History Month with a dinner together!


Brothers celebrating the Lunar New Year!!

DSP x PGN Diversity Recruiting Panel held last year


DSP partnered with NEW nonprofit last year to host "Imagining Equitable Futures at Ross"

Bi-Weekly Wine & Woke Meetings discussing important topics!

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For General Inquiries:

Sandeep Singh, President 

For Recruitment Inquiries:

Tayla Jankowski, Senior Vice President

Professional Questions:

Raghav Maini, VP Professional

DEI/Impact Questions:

Simon Davis, DEI Chairperson

Emma Putti, VP Community Service

Website Questions:

Aarya Padhye, VP Marketing

Nikki Ambas, VP Marketing

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