Winter 2020

Pre-Rush Event

1/16 - BBA Meet the Clubs || Tauber Colloquium (Ross, 4-6 pm)

Check out our table at Meet the Clubs to sign-up for rush and get more information about our upcoming rush events.

First Round Events

1/16 - Mass Meeting #1 || R2210 (6-8 pm)

1/21 - Mass Meeting #2 || B1570 (6-8 pm)

Learn about Delta Sigma Pi and what it means to be a part of the fraternity! There will be a chance to speak to brothers following the presentation.

1/22 - Social Event: Caring for Others and Yourself || B2560 (5-7 pm)

At this event, you will have the chance to speak to brothers while also practicing self-care and gratitude through different activities.

1/24 - Professional Event #1: Industry Overview || B1570 (5-7:30 pm)

This event is an opportunity for brothers and rushes to get to know each others' professional and personal interests! We will also go over the different tracks people pursue in business.

1/25 - Women's & Diversity Panel || R2210 (12-2 pm)

  • Women's Panel (12-1 pm) - Hear from the women of DSP about their experiences as women in the professional world. The panel will be followed by a Q&A section.

  • Diversity Panel (1-2 pm) - Learn from our brothers about the importance of diverse perspectives and have the opportunity to have deeper conversations following the panel.

1/26 - Speed Dating || R0320 (3:30-6:15 pm)

Meet more of our brothers in a fun, fast-paced environment!

*All First Round events are casual dress!

Second Round Events

*Invite Only

Coffee Chats

Professional Events

Cocktail Party

Shark Tank

Have questions about rush?

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